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About Us

Left Right Solutions is a boutique consulting firm specializing in solving complex problems with elegant solutions that improve efficiency and create value. In addition to advising and developing strategic plans, we help execute those plans with tangible, measurable results.

We work with small and medium sized business with a focus on private equity owned businesses—helping bridge the gap between operators and investors. Our team has a wide breadth of experience and their unique backgrounds help bring a new perspective to business’s ongoing issues.

Our approach includes combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis to understand a company’s problems and objectives. While we depend heavily on analytics, often the best solutions require creativity—thinking outside the box. Understanding that balance is what sets us apart.


What sets us apart?

Left Right Solutions takes a unique, tailored approach to solving complex business problems. Unlike large consulting firms that rely on standardized frameworks, Left Right Solutions digs deep to understand each client's specific needs and goals. The process begins with meticulously analyzing a company's internal data, from sales figures to employee surveys and extensive market research to benchmark against competitors and identify emerging trends. This data-driven foundation informs the development of a refined vision and laser-focused objectives. The Left Right team then works collaboratively with stakeholders across the organization to identify targeted strategic initiatives, whether that involves expanding into a new geographical market, streamlining manufacturing processes, or overhauling an outdated IT system. We provide customized recommendations and detailed execution plans that are practical yet ambitious. Throughout an engagement, our consultants track progress through key performance indicators and milestones tailored to each client. This hands-on approach enables us to solve intricate business problems through bespoke solutions that drive sustainable growth and create lasting value for our clients. Our boutique size allows us to provide an unmatched level of personal attention while still leveraging the expertise needed to tackle complex organizational challenges.

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